Adorable Animals

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Cuteness alert: you'll quickly fall in love with these animals

It was discovered that Tico – a double yellow-headed parrot – could carry a tune at the beginning of lockdown.

Watch Tico the singing parrot duet with his guitar-playing owner

He can probably carry a tune better than you.

Cupid the ginger cat disappeared without a trace

Cat found 24 miles from home after returning to his birthplace for treats

Cupid is now on house arrest.

Owner used a snowblower to create an incredible maze for his beloved pets.

Couple create epic snow maze for their 21 rescue dogs

The dogs love trying to find their way out.

Man was out for a walk in the Cairngorms National Park, in the Scottish Highlands,and found a tiny tabby kitten which was actually a wild cat

Tiny kitten found lost in the snow turns out to be a rare Scottish Wildcat

Huntleigh was freezing cold and unable to stand.

Tintin the red squirrel and his bestie in Copenhagen, Denmark

Man is best friends with injured squirrel he rescued seven years ago

'He's like my child now.'

The pigeon currently owns six pairs of adorable trousers – all designed and handmade by artist Anastassia Fulmer.

Meet the rescue pigeon who loves dressing up in stylish outfits

He'll put your fashion choices to shame.

Lakeland Terriers play in the snow in South Yorkshire
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Adorable dogs have time of their lives playing in the snow

Some parts of the UK have seen 11cm of snow.

Although the official Grumpy Cat may have sadly passed on, there might be another feline looking to take her spot.

Grumpy cat and happy dog are best pals, making for an adorable odd couple

The unlikely pair love nothing more than cuddling.

Goma, a toy poodle who lives in Japan, has his fluffy fur trimmed short on his legs and left long on his body.

Gloriously round haircut makes toy poodle look just like a mini sheep

Or do you see a happy little cloud?

The new range is called Doggie Desserts, and is currently made up of two puddings for pups. The first flavour is Pontch’s Mix; a frozen treat with peanut butter and pretzel swirls. The second is Rosie’s Batch, which has a pumpkin flavour and mini cookies.
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Ben & Jerry's is releasing a range of ice cream just for dogs

Eat up, pups.

There are various dog beds on offer, from the natural wicker basket to the patterned soft cushioned options in both striped and floral styles.

Zara Home launches its first range for pets

It's time to treat the pet in your life

Little Honey the calf loves nothing more than snuggling up beside her canine siblings: Border Collie pup Archie, Golden Retrievers Ivy and Ada as well as Treacle – the farm’s oldest dog.
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Adorable calf thinks she’s a puppy after being reared by family

Honey was brought into the house by the Northmore family after a challenging start to life.

In some cultures white cats are thought to be unlucky. While Blossom might have had an unlucky start, she’s also managed to have a happy ending, finding a happy home after a tough time.
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Stray one-eyed cat starts the New Year in a new loving home after being rescued

Despite being 11 years old, Blossom still has a lot of love to give.

This cute pup was rehomed with her sister after years apart
Tug Of WarDifferent DogsSisters

Family rescues dog's sister from shelter after recognising her in puppy photos

Luther and Jessie had an instant bond when they were reunited.

This gorgeous white cat blends into the snowy Christmas tree
Family ChristmasWhite KittensIn The Tree

Can you spot the kitten hidden in this Christmas tree?

It's surprisingly tough.

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I helped save 'the world's loneliest elephant' from a life of solitude

Dubbed ‘the world’s loneliest elephant’ earlier this year, Kaavan is a creature that needs little introduction. But for me, he is much more than a sad headline.