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Spend your time arguing about whether Ross and Rachel were really on a break? This is the perfect place for a die-hard Friends fan.
Rachel and Ross' daughter has grown up a lot since Friends finished.

This is what baby Emma from Friends looks like now

It's 11 years since Friends ended, ELEVEN years people. While the six main actors continue to grace TV and film, did you ever wonder what happened to the blue-eyed baby,.

Are you weighed down by nattering thoughts? Tied up with rumination? Looking at this little cakes could help.

Feeling stressed? Take a look at these tiny cakes

'It's a moo point' - we just love Friends that much.

29 Friends quotes you STILL use every single day 20 years on

FRIENDS Friends TV series is a situational comedy (sitcom) about six friends living in the New York City of Manhattan. Friends was first broadcasted in 1994

Friends nearly went in a TOTALLY different direction for Smelly Cat

Phoebe from Friends nearly didn't sing about a Smelly Cat

The song Smelly Cat was very nearly very different as writer Betsy Borns says that Phoebe Buffet was close to signing about a different animal

If you didn't miss Friends already, these photos will make you miss it ten times more.

6 nostalgic behind-the-scenes pics from Friends

If you didn't miss the show enough already, these great behind-the-scenes pictures from Friends will make you miss it exactly ten times more. Friends' anniversary is upon us, and fans.

Think you know every Friends episode inside out? Well, not if you don't know these things.

19 Friends facts you ACTUALLY didn't know

If you are anything like us here at Metro HQ then you know every single episode of Friends inside out and upside down.

Would you agree with these pairings if the Big Bang Theory and Friends crossed over?

Here's who would date who if Friends and The Big Bang Theory crossed over

What would happen if the Friends gang’s world collided with The Big Bang Theory gang’s universe and they all started dating?

We've all got that one friend who moved to Peru and now milks goats for a living - right?

15 types of friends we all have

We've all got that one friend who moved to Peru and now milks goats for a living - right?

But not everything about Monica’s flat made sense, and there’s something distinctly Twilight Zone about one of the features.

There was something seriously weird going on with Monica's flat in Friends

The Friends set is one of the most famous in TV history, particularly Monica Geller’s apartment;

It may well be 22 years old, but we bet you’ll still stop whenever you come across a repeat of an old episode and find yourself laughing and quoting along with it.  With Friends fest coming to London again later this summer, it seemed only right to think of how different the show would have been if it aired to today.  Can you imagine it? ‘The One Set In 2016’.

27 ways Friends would be very different if it was set in 2016

‘WE WERE ON A BREAK!’: they’re Ross’ immortal words from Friends that shall never be forgotten.  But while it’s one of the most iconic storylines from the hit US comedy – and still today fans struggle to answer the age-old ‘Were Ross and Rachel on a break?’ question – the subject of their argument seems to have been long-forgotten. Until now.

This is what Chloe - the girl Ross cheated on Rachel with - looks like now

‘We were on a break!’: they’re Ross’ immortal words from Friends that shall never be forgotten.

From Brad Pitt to Hugh Laurie - Friends had quite the all-star guests in its time.

The 19 best celebrity cameos in Friends

The 19 best celebrity cameos in Friends, including Brad Pitt, Hugh Laurie, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams.

Hello 2010s hipster fashion. Goodbye 90s chic.

This is what Friends would look like if it was rebooted now

The gang have been replaced with modern day hipsters.

James Burrows, the show's creator, has finally revealed all. Our hearts have broken a little

THIS is why Ross and Rachel had to break up in Friends

Friends knows how it is. Your job's a joke, and you're most definitely broke.

14 ways Friends perfectly summed up your life

'Friends' Anniversary: Central Perk Replica to Serve Free Coffee in New York