As film fans mourn the death of Carrie Fisher, here are 17 amazing pictures of Carrie to remind you of – as Ford put it – a ‘one-of-a-kind’ star.

17 pictures to remind you how amazing Carrie Fisher was

Actress Carrie Fisher has passed away days after suffering a heart attack. The news was confirmed by her daughter Billie Lourd, who in a statement paid tribute to her 'beloved.

You don’t even have to be a Star Wars fan to think this is cool – this R2-D2 cafetiere is just cool, plain and simple. And we want one. Bad.  The official Star Wars merchandise not only looks good, it’s a fully functioning French press, with a glass carafe that holds almost a litre of coffee.

You don't need to love Star Wars to love this R2-D2 cafetiere

Get Beep-bee-bee-boop-buuuzzzzzzed with the coffee press. How could Star Wars geekery not lay its stamp on French-style caffeine extraction? The cylindrical shape of the classic French press is perfect. And what better way to enjoy a cup of fresh

A parade of pugs dressed as Star Wars things has happened – and judging by the Twitter coverage it was the ‘best day’ of all the attendees’ lives.  Bug-eyed pugs of all shapes, colours and sizes trotted along the street at the annual Pug Crawl in Portland, Oregon – dressed as Wookies, space crafts and other more specific Star Wars settings and characters.

A Star Wars pug parade happened and the highlights are spectacular

Tiny dogs dressed as Star Wars characters and settings were out in (the) Force for Portland's annual Pug Crawl looking absolutely fabulous.

Chewbacca may look kinda scary, but underneath it all he’s just a big softy.

We challenge you to watch laughing Chewbacca video and not giggle

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Meet Little Lord Vader.

A dad turned his son into a little Darth Vader for the cutest photo series

„Little Lord Vader“ – John Hopkirk Takes Adorable Photos Of His Toddler Dressed As Darth Vader

A load of owners celebrated Star Wars day by dressing their furry friends up in pet costumes from the films and it’s adorable.

May the Paws be with you: SEVEN dogs dressed as Star Wars characters

Happy Star Wars Day!

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An internet mock-up of Luke Skywalker singing Celine Dion has brought joy to Star Wars fans around the globe.

Star Wars' Luke Skywalker singing Celine Dion has won the internet

Luke Skywalker Is All By Himself (Star Wars - The Force Awakens - Alternate Ending Parody).

He must have a huge memory card

The one thing you never knew about R2-D2 in Star Wars...

George Lucas reveals the entire Star Wars film series is told by

The force is DEFINITELY strong with this one.

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