Kanta Harusaki

Kanta Harusaki WATERCOLOR I feel as though I have been here before. Many many times.

John Blockley - Pennine Landscape

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Everyone loved reading about Ann Blockley's Experiments with the new Winsor & Newton Desert Collection watercolours. This is our 3rd most read blog article of 2014: http://www.jacksonsart.com/blog/2014/03/06/ann-blockley-experiments-with-winsor-and-newton-limited-edition-desert-collection/

Ann Blockley Experiments with Winsor and Newton Jackson's Art Supplies

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One Pink Goose: Watercolour Trees and John Blockley

I decided to go a bit colourful and unrealistic with these watercolour trees but I think they look quite nice. A pen and ink group of very.

One Pink Goose: Watercolour Trees and John Blockley

John Blockley work, I saw exhibit of his work on a trip to Cotswold had to purchase his book

John Blockley (1921-2002) English watercolourist

'Swaledale' by John Blockley. One of the most beautiful, inspiring places in the world by an outstanding UK artist and teacher who is sorely missed.