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Michał Gałuszek

Michał Gałuszek
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If you love coffee as much as we do, you would like to have a sip of it at every step. However, most reusable coffee mugs are pretty unpractical to use. Which is why you will LOVE GOAT STORY coffee mug.

Anze Miklavec is raising funds for GINA: Smart coffee instrument / by GOAT STORY on Kickstarter! The first smart coffee instrument with a built-in scale and an app enables you to brew coffee with pour-over, immersion and cold drip.

the leather gloves just makes all come together. Every man should own a pair

The man bag today is a respectable part of any man's wardrobe. A good-looking bag offers practicality, serves all your stuff-carrying needs and enables you to add some edge and masculinity to your looks. Here are 5 man bag styles that will be a great

Bendable Sofa Tray Table | odditymall.com | Tak naprawdę może być jakiś zamiennik z Home&You itp. #livingroom #accents #lifehack

The bendable sofa tray is a unique wooden tray that you can set on the arm of your sofa and it will bend and fit the shape of it so you have a makeshift table to rest your tea, cocktail, or cheeseburg.