I love this image. It reminds me of movement and rhythm. The line right down the middle of the images create symmetry, creating balance in the image, as well as draws the eye across the image. It has a sort of Yin Yang effect. This image is a great example of Principles of Design http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmEIWgFYtGU If u click on this image, it is linked to images that a great example of symmetry.

17 Photographs That Display Perfect Symmetry #MashPics

By Robert Delaunay Endless Rhythm (Rythme sans fin), Oil paint on canvas, Tate.

Delaunay. Cubismo órfico.


Robert Delaunay - Champs de Mars, La Tour rouge 1911 (Art Institute of Chicago)

Ejercicios de AcuarelaGrupo ON-ACUARELA: Sonia Delaunay

The Athenaeum - Electric Prism (Sonia Delaunay-Terk - ) one of my favourite artists

Robert Delaunay, Simultaneous Windows on the City, 1912, Hamburger Kunsthalle. Orphism or Orphic Cubism, a term coined by the French poet Guillaume Apollinaire in 1912, was an offshoot of Cubism that focused on pure abstraction and bright colors, influenced by Fauvism, theoretical writings of Paul Signac, Charles Henry and the dye chemist Eugène Chevreul. This movement, perceived as key in the transition from Cubism to Abstract art,

Robert Delaunay, Simultaneous Windows on the City Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg

Formas circulares 1930. Robert Delaunay. Orfismo Segunda Etapa

Formas circulares 1930. Robert Delaunay. Orfismo Segunda Etapa

Robert Delaunay (French, 1885-1941), Soleil, Tour, Aéroplane [Sun, Tower, Airplane], 1913. Oil on canvas, 132.1 x 131.1 cm.

Delaunay Soleil Tor Aeroplane 1913 - Albright–Knox Art Gallery - Seymour H. Knox and Gordon M. Smith, a former director, the Albright-Knox was one of the first museums to collect Abstract Expressionism in depth.