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One of my favorite modern artist: Andy Goldsworthy, OBE (born 26 July is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist producing site-specific sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings.

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colossaltitan: “ “ one of my favorite things about hiking is when i come across a strange structure deep in the woods and am left to wonder how and why and when ” how: demons. why: demon portal. when: 5 pm demon time ” bewitched forest

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Sculptor Turns Rain, Ice And Trees Into 'Ephemeral Works' : NPR Andrew Goldsworthy

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rock sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy - sort stones by color and make a design

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lunchbreakloveletters: “ asylum-art: “ Natural sculptures by Andy Goldsworth “Andy Goldsworthy is an extraordinary, innovative British artist whose collaborations with nature produce uniquely personal.

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35 Who Made a Difference: Andy Goldsworthy Using nature as his canvas, the artist creates works of transcendent beauty I like this artwork because its very cool how he made a cool little sculpture out of rocks.

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museumuesum: “ Andy Goldsworthy Touching North North Pole – 24 April, 1989 ” Wow, building stargates out of snow?

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profile10.jpg (1200×600)

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andy goldsworthy "Rivers and Tides" is both inspiring and meditative.

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Alder branches form a bridge in a Dumfriesshire, Scotland, stream.

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Earth Wall, 2014 by Andy Goldsworthy Installation

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View Touching North by Andy Goldsworthy on artnet. Browse more artworks Andy Goldsworthy from Galerie Springer Berlin.

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