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The maze runner CHARACTERS!!!! Breathe breathe breathe

The maze runner CHARACTERS! Such a good movie. I loved the movie just as much as the book! << why the movie was horrible but dylan o'brien and thomas brodie-sangster are hot so

Dipper that's sweet. But she's too old for you.

I bet that now, after he confessed, he drops her love notes like this all the time thats so cute and sweet!

One day you'll look back and realize. by markmak on deviantART

One day you'll look back and realize. by markmak on deviantART, dipper, you my fav :)

Gravity Falls! by Mistrel-Fox on deviantART I This is actually really good.

Mable is literally me in a cartoon. We even look the same. I was wearing sweater the other day and I was fangirling and one of my friends said that i reminded her of mable right to the ugly sweater. I told it it wasnt ugly, IT WAS GLITTERFULL!

Just a theory of mine. -Zoey M.<<Hooooooooooooooooooooolllllly!!!!!

Awesome theory<< actually in an interview with Alex, he said that dipper's birthmark is based off a kids acne in high school who one day had a perfect alignment of the big dipper on his forehead. BUT I THIN K THIS IS JUST A COVER!