Zoella beauty collection; candle, perfume, bath bomb, soap, cream and 2 make up bags, has been out for a while and I love it all and her videos don't forget her.

ZOELLA BEAUTY (Black Irony - Fashion Blog)

Zoella Beauty | Sweet Inspirations Collection www.lovecatherine.co.uk www.instagram.com/catherine.mw

I have a few products from 'Sweet inspirations' 🙈🌸🍂🌙 Recently picked up the 'Le fizz' bath fizzed from primark!

Zoella Beauty Bath Bombinis Fragranced Bath Fizzers 8 x 15g - feelunique.com

Treat yourself in the tub with these fizzy Bath Bombinis, delicately fragranced with soft, floral notes. Remove packaging and drop Zoella Beauty Bath Bombinis Fragranced Bath.

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