Laser Cut by Celestine

Laser cutting Laser cutting is the process in which a high powered laser is used to cut a material. Laser cutting works by using a high powered laser to either melt, burn or vaporise the material leaving a high quality edge.

Laser cut cardboard models.

Take the same concept as this where you layer cardboard to create the illusion of a rounded object. This will work well for your models.

Laser Cut Wooden Bulb | AHAlife

Laser Cut Wooden Bulb

Wooden Bulb is a laser cut plywood lamp designed by Barend Hemmes for London-based company Suck UK. Wooden Bulb can be either hung from the ceiling or laid

laser cut landscape stacking rings, birch

Laser-Cut Wooden Landscape Rings

House Rings by Clive Roddy - Wooden jewelry has an earthy charm that precious metals are missing. These House Rings by Clive Roddy are particularly endearing, portraying miniat.

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