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Just Keep Your Mouth Shut!! :D

Take the no complaints challenge! No grumbling, no negative self-talk, no whining. If it needs to be fixed don't add complaining to the problem! Save your angry energy for Being a part of the solution for fixing it!

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Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire, and push each other. Unsuccessful people just hate, blame, and complain. Words of Wisdom

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You don't get paid for the hour. You get paid for adding value to the minutes. I will not wait until three-quarters of an hour has passed before I decide to make a valuable contribution.

That has always been my leadership philosophy. Act like your mentors learn from the ones who are not so great.

Be the leader you expect of others. If only you could drill this into so called leaders heads.

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So know other people's direction (predict their target destination) from observing their attitude. Don't forget to communicate your direction with them accordingly.