autumnal colors - vest

An all time favorite outfit. I love the colors, specifically the blazer. The paisley silk ascot is great and the tweed waistcoat is phenomenal.


Random Inspiration 102

Shades of blue on blazer, button down shirt and tie paired with khaki slacks

NEW Chunky Knit Mini Stool

Small but perfectly formed with stylish eucalyptus wood legs and oversized chunky wool knit; this lightweight decorative stool adds a touch of Scandi style to your living or sleeping space.

I want this outfit... Actually, I think I own this outfit already.

So attractive when guys know how to dress. Classic style with a contemporary twist, skinny tie provides a bit of European edge with the mississippi mud clay colored pants adding a playfulness to the outfit.

good idea

DIY Under the stairs Wine Rack. i want to do something like this under my stairs, just minus the wine. i think that it would make some awesome unused storage space!

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