Lancashire Hotpot - Traditional English Recipe    Local Veg and Lamb

Lancashire hotpot

Lancashire Hotpot - lamb, potatoes, onion and carrots - A favourite dish with families, this traditional English recipe is cheap to make, only costing less than a head.

Downham village in Lancashire, UK

Stone Bridge, a Babbling Brook, and a Cottage in Downham Village, Lancashire.

A donkey ride on the beach!  Blackpool, Lancashire, England

Donkey rides on the beach at Blackpool, Lancashire, England - Blackpool Tower standing in the background

Lancashire Witches get the kids interested in Lancashires history and tales

Historical essays the witch craze in england The century was the height of witch craze in. In England, the decline of witch hunts in sixteenth.

Lune Valley, Lancashire, England, UK - by David N Moorhouse

Lune Valley, Lancashire, England, UK - by David N Moorhouse -this is without a doubt my favourite place in the world

Lancashire Hotpot, have been in the UK for 6 years, first time I heard off. A stew dish of lamb/mutton with onion, topped with potato and baked in oven all day on a low heat

Traditional Lancashire Hotpot

Best end of neck of lamb is another of those "cheap" cuts which make heavenly stews. It's all about cooking meat slowly on the bone.

Lancashire Cotton Mill Worker Photographic Print -

Take a look at the 'Lancashire cotton mill worker - A Lancashire cotton worker wrapped in shawls' prints from Media Storehouse

Lancashire Mill Town

Cotton mill worker Alice Nelson sets out for work at the Lilac Mill in Shaw, Lancashire, January Original publication: Picture Post - 7474 - Cotton's Amazing Recovery - pub.