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When Lily told James and Albus that her and Scorpius were dating, Albus was okay with it because he trusted his best friend. James wasn’t, and refused to speak to the two of them until he turned up, five years later on their wedding day. Request By:.

Nineteen Years Later

Technically speaking, Lily had her grandmother's (and namesake's) hair, so only Rose and Molly had the Weasley hair.

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Lily met a girl named Anastasia who, much like Tonks, hated her first name. Lily puzzled over why she disliked such a pretty name, Louis just went with it, and Hugo called her ‘Stasia Requested by anon


How is she able to throw a chair? She just GAVE BIRTH for crying out loud!

rose x scorpius amortentia

Scorpius Malfoy I guess is returning the favour Hermione did to his own father as she truly smelt Draco not Ron now it's Scorpius to Rose

When Teddy was in a deep sleep his appearance would fade into what he origonally looked like without all of his “modifications.