a notepad with writing on it that says what is a writer's notebook?
writer's notebook - Google Search
a black and white poster with the words popular plot formulas
Plot Structure - A Cheatsheet to Popular Plot Formulas...
Plot Structure - Popular Plot Formulas & How to Use Them in Your Writing
how to kill a character the checklist infographical poster - click to enlarge
How to Successfully Kill a Character: The Checklist
Have you wondered about killing off a character in your novel? Here's a checklist to figure it out.
an orange man with the words wooden character checker on it's back side
createandnarrate: “Do you have a Wooden Character [boring; stiff and unnatural; without spirit]? Or is your character interesting, captivating, and three-dimensional? Use these tips to give your characters some character! ”
the character development checklist is shown in blue and white, as well as an image of
Aether's Travel Blog
Character Development (creation) Checklist for Medieval and Fantasy Characters.
an image of a table with the names and numbers for different types of items in it
Character Traits Meme by pichu4850 on DeviantArt
Character Traits Meme -- You may: Print this out. Repeat this as many times as you wish. Add on your own characteristics. Add on more character slots.