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Wrap gifts using all but brown paper in eight simple ways

These stylish ribbon tree cards. | 23 DIY Christmas Cards You Can Make In Under An Hour

11 of the Fanciest Handmade Christmas Cards

A homemade Christmas tree card (or invitation or gift tag) that doesn't require special equipment or too much work. Use a lollypop stick (or something similar) as the trunk, ribbon as the branches and a gold star as the topper.

Hey! Anyone else still got a lot to do before Christmas? Well, I hate to add one more thing to the list, but don’t you think your gifts need a little bit of home-made love? If so, here are…

25 Creative Gift Tags

Gift tags are a hugely important part of any ones git wrapping this holiday season! Unfortunately, store bought gift tags can get to be a bit expensive. Here are 20 DIY Christmas Gift tag ideas, and you can use many… Continue Reading →

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