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two wooden statues sitting on top of a grass covered hill next to water with the words, the differences between the words when and while
The Difference between the Words ‘When’ and ‘While’
When and while are two words that are often confused by intermediate English language learners. As is often the case with confusing words, these particular two words can sometimes be interchanged but frequently have distinct meanings of their own. https://ukgrammar.com/the-difference-between-the-words-when-and-while/
time is money and english idiomatic expressions - idioms are available for all ages
English Idiomatic Expressions – Idioms
Idiomatic expressions, or idioms, are phrases whose meanings cannot be deduced from the literal definitions of the words within them. They are an essential but confusing part of the English language, but also of many other languages. In the UK, idioms are particularly frequently used, and they add imagery and cultural significance to otherwise bland conversation. https://ukgrammar.com/english-idiomatic-expressions-idioms/
two young people walking down the street in front of a building with words underneath it
Understanding the Pronoun ‘One’ in English
Nowadays, the third-person pronoun one is seldom used, except by the upper classes and in certain academic writing because of its formal tone. However, it has a unique role as a pronoun that allows it to be used in a way that encompasses the experience of any individual, and with the increase of controversy over masculinising or feminising pronouns, it is regaining popularity. https://ukgrammar.com/understanding-the-pronoun-one-in-english/
an ice cream cone with the words understanding - ing and ed phrases in english
Understanding -ing and -ed Phrases in English
English grammar can sometimes seem easy to learn, with its clear rules and logical explanations. At other times, there seem to be endless exceptions; along with prepositions and using gerunds, -ing and -ed phrases are among the these. However, if one takes the time to study these phrases, their patterns do become clearer. This post explores the structures, functions and usage of -ing and -ed phrases in English grammar. https://ukgrammar.com/understanding-ing-and-ed-phrases-in-english/
the british and american spelling game is shown in this graphic style, which includes two words
British vs American Spelling Differences ESL Learners Should Know - Confused Words
the british and american english spellings are shown in this poster, which is also used for
British English vs American English: What are the Differences? - Confused Words
British English vs American English: What are the Differences? - Confused Words
an open book with a key on it and the words test yourself with a parts of speech exercise
Test Yourself with a Parts of Speech Exercise
Words, the building blocks of language, are organised into various categories known as parts of speech or word classes. These classifications serve to facilitate the understanding of sentence structure and linguistic principles. https://ukgrammar.com/test-yourself-with-a-parts-of-speech-exercise/
two wooden mannequins holding hands with the words cooperative connections and competitive science structures
Correlative Conjunctions and Comparative Sentence Structures
While coordinating and subordinating conjunctions tend to be individual words, correlative conjunctions tend to have two parts and function to connect equal words and/or phrases and share ideas that belong together in one sentence. https://ukgrammar.com/correlative-conjunctions-in-advanced-sentence-structures/
a black and white dog with the words using the word that's in english
Using the Word ‘That’ in English
The word ‘that’ can cause much confusion to English language learners. In language, words are divided into word classes, or what are called ‘Parts of Speech’, and these word classes define the use of a word in a sentence. However, some words fit into more than one word class, and the word ‘that’ is one of these. It has four different uses. https://ukgrammar.com/using-the-word-that-in-english/
the prepositions of time at on in english
Prepositions of Time – At On In | Woodward English
The prepositions of time At, On and In and how to use them correctly in English.
a gold pocket watch sitting on top of an open book with the words, grammar exercises practice the english tense
Grammar Exercises: Practise the English Tenses
Here is an opportunity to practise your English advanced past and future tenses. While there are numerous tense quizzes on this website, this post allows you to see an overview of quizzes laid out in document form. Such a structure enhances initial learning by allowing students to see an overview of examples in which each tense is used effectively before attempting to choose a tense. https://ukgrammar.com/grammar-exercises-practise-the-english-tenses/
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