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three potted plants sitting next to each other in front of a window
How to Get Rid of Gnats on Houseplants—and Prevent Them From Coming Back
Fungus gnats are attracted to the moist soil of plants, which provides them with an ideal habitat for raising their young. If you've noticed them buzzing around your home, we're sharing our best tips for how to get rid of gnats on houseplants.
small plants sprouting out of the soil on top of a rock formation with dirt and grass in the background
Knotweed Can’t Be Killed. But Can It Be Stopped?
“I don’t want to ascribe moral agency to the plant... It’s not an evil plant. It’s doing what a plant does. But Japanese knotweed is a very serious invasive. A very, very problematic species. One of the worst invasive species in Northeastern North America.”
a field full of flowers and plants next to a building with an overpass in the background
xBarbican Steppe Plantings
Very Impressive Design! Barbican Steppe Plantings | Nigel Dunnett
two hands are holding dirt in the soil
DIY: Make Your Own Wildflower Seed Bombs - Gardenista
make your own guerrilla gardening seed bombs to grow wildflowers in bare patches, neglected planters, and traffic roundabouts
two pumpkins sitting in the middle of a field with text overlay that reads fall garden tasks
Fall Gardening Tasks to Get Ahead on Next Year's Garden - Garden Therapy
some white flowers and green leaves on a tree
False spirea - FineGardening
False spirea - FineGardening
a book cover with pictures of flowers and plants in it's title, pete oudolf's 100 top plants
Piet Oudolf is a world-famous garden designer, nurseryman and writer. In 2013, he singled out the 100 plants he won't do without and we have them all listed for you here in Shoot.
some very pretty green grass by the water with pink flowers on it's side
Prairie dropseed, Sporobolus heterolepis
Prairie dropseed, Sporobolus heterolepis – Master Gardener Program
a tree with purple leaves in the woods
Crataegus phaenopyrum - Plant Finder
Crataegus phaenopyrum - Plant Finder
some very pretty red flowers in the trees
Rhus typhina - Plant Finder
Rhus typhina - Plant Finder
some white flowers are growing in the bushes
Hydrangea paniculata - Plant Finder
Hydrangea paniculata - Plant Finder
a red flower with yellow center surrounded by other flowers
Dahlia 'Impression Fantastico'
Dahlia 'Impression Fantastico', 'Impression Fantastico' Dahlia, Collarette Dahlias, Impression Dahlias, Purple Dahlia Flowers, Bicolor Dahlias, Dahlia Tubers, Dahlia Bulbs, Dahlia Flower, Dahlia Flowers, summer bulbs
red and yellow flowers with green leaves in the background
Dahlia 'Impression Festivo'
Dahlia 'Impression Festivo', 'Impression Festivo' Dahlia, Collarette Dahlias, Impression Dahlias, Red Dahlia Flowers, Bicolor Dahlias, Dahlia Tubers, Dahlia Bulbs, Dahlia Flower, Dahlia Flowers, summer bulbs