a piece of lower intellect is in this "doing" chakra. it has to do with self-esteem.

Typography inspiration

[ design + color + ] A spicy typographic meatball. You can't beat the Caslon italic ampersand!

Animal Logo Design by Tom Anders Watkins

I really like who these logos can be created by have that animal in mind and using simple circles to actually create the image you are going for.

Triboro Design

We’re suckers for a nice ampersand. A magazine for John Kenney & (a photo agency). Design by the always awesome Triboro Design. (the website was also designed by Triboro, so technically this is double-dipping).

Illustrations by Typography by Teagan White

Always & Forever, and Five Other Lies by Veronika Simunovic // Book cover design by Teagan White

ampersand ampersand

I believe it is Bodoni. These big elegant ampersands like Rosemary, Elephant, and Bodini could inspire an originally designed mark.


Ampersands are the bomb b-bomb bomb bomb. Ampersand designed by Herb Lubalin for Upper & Lower Case Magazine, 1970