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Zee - Honey Goods Built from young biologists’ passion and care for bees and the environment, Zee focus on Beekeeping, Educational Services and Food Production Systems Improvement, always having honey as their key product. How can a brand convey these …

BING by Cheltsov Kirill, via Behance

The new visualized solution presents a stylish letter ‘B’ providing a direct link between thecompany’s name and its graphical image.The proposed design of the logo increasingly promotes positive image of an innovative, dynamic and rapidly developing c…

Los Angeles 2024 Olympics Branding

Los Angeles 2024 Olympics Branding - everything about this is awesome, except i'm not a huge fan of that logo

Beautiful Sustainable Honey Packaging — The Dieline - Branding & Packaging Design

Beautiful Sustainable Honey Packaging

Modern packaging Beautiful Sustainable Honey Packaging — The Dieline - Branding & Packaging Design

Are you looking for a ride to an airport in the middleof a city with endless loops? Or a flight to your dream destination preceded by a train ride by the countryside.This was the idea prevailed, and it needed a face, that was my job. This work is just …

A Swiss company is launching a mobile application transportation portal, and needed a face, that was my job.This work is just a showcase how my mindset works for ideas that work. All copyrights to this visual brand strategy are the ownership of Mr.

Brand identity and packaging design for Hawkins and Brimble. The brief was to design a mens grooming brand from the ground up. We wanted the brand to be cut from a different cloth and avoid the typical cliches so we opted for a different angle. Our approach was to appeal to a more premium market with a focus on modern effortless grooming, using inspiration from simpler days to formulate the basis for the naming, ingredients and brand.

"Hawkins" is twisted so it connects well with below texts. Brand name in bold size really works for a men product.