Love this.... OP notes "Ranarp pendants $39"

RANARP Pendant lamp, off-white

Formica & Birch Ply Kitchen by Matt Antrobus - coloured work surfaces, shelves, coloured tiles and lighting

Matt Atrobus makes bespoke kitchen fronts, worktops and shelving in formica and maple veneer.

Industrial Pipe Shelving

RH Baby & Child's Industrial Pipe Shelving:Sturdy steel pipes and matching cast fittings serve as the structure for our hardworking pieces, while warm wood planks provide support for books and a workspace for the industrious.

Coffee Supreme by Sammy-rose Scapens and Heather Liddell

I like the separation in the space. Possibly separating a production area from a design/inspiration area. Coffee Supreme by Sammy-rose Scapens and Heather Liddell

Ceiling Lights & Lamps - IKEA

IKEA - NYMÅNE, Pendant lamp , The grid on the topside spreads the light upwards and provides good general lighting. The grid on the underside protects against glare and provides a pleasant light over your dining table or kitchen island.This ceiling c

IKEA RANARP pendant lamp

IKEA - RANARP, Pendant lamp, , Gives a directed light; good for lighting up for example dining tables or bar tops.

Joseph Joseph Stack 52 Recycling Bin System - 30017 - Binopolis

Our Joseph Joseph Stack 52 is a versatile slimline bin combo with two bins and separate food caddy, all with free next day delivery.