Italian Lemon Pound Cake. Out of all the recipes on my blog, this is the most popular one. I love to serve this cake at summer barbecues. It is so soft and moist, everybody will be asking be asking for the recipe!

I love the mild lemon flavor that this cake has. It isn’t the overpowering mouth puckering lemon flavor like some desserts. It is so soft and moist.

The Ultimate Caramel Shortbread from James Morton's How Baking Works cookbook. It’s not often that I am arrogant enough to believe that my recipe should be the standard on which all others are based. But here I am saying just that. It’s not only the best caramel shortcake I’ve ever had, but I’ve gone to great pains to keep the steps and ingredients very simple, too.

The Ultimate Millionaire's Shortbread

The Ultimate Millionaire's Shortbread by former Great British Bake Off contestant James Morton. Layers of gooey sweet caramel and chocolate rest on top of a easy to make crumbly shortbread.

Raspberry & White Chocolate Tray Bake

Ingredients pack ready-rolled shortcrust pastry mascarpone golden caster sugar ground almonds 2 large eggs fresh raspberrie white chocolate, roughly chopped Method Heat oven to roll out the pastry a little more on a floured surface and use to line a…

Does your little one love swimming? Make a splashy birthday cake like this one #waterbabies #swimming #cake

Swim party cake kit kat edge and ribbon. What do you suppose the bubbles are? Gumballs or M&Ms?

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