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a man in an orange shirt is smiling
Getting to know Denis Taylor - Midland Lead
Getting to know Denis Taylor
a woman with long brown hair and blue eyes posing for a photo in front of a wall
Getting to Know Midland Lead's Charlotte Saunby - Midland Lead
Getting to know Charlotte Saunby
a man in an orange jacket is working on a machine with wires attached to it
Want to join the Midland Lead team? Contact us
two men in orange work clothes and one is wearing an orange safety jacket with reflective tape on his chest
Midland Lead on Twitter
Happy to introduce 2 new operators that have joined our expanding manufacturing team: Ross Hollis and Marcus Dolan!
a man wearing a shirt and tie standing in front of a sign that says spire others
Meet James Machin - Midland Lead
Meet James Machin
a man standing in front of a white wall with words on it that say there's no way in team
Meet Andy Summers - Midland Lead
Meet Andy Summers
a man standing in front of a sign with his arms crossed and looking at the camera
Getting to know Kyle Hazeldine – Sales Office - Midland Lead
Kyle Hazeldine - Sales Office
a man driving a forklift in a warehouse
Forklift driver
two men in yellow work on an assembly line with metal tubes and hoses attached to them
Employees at our cutting lines
two men in orange and yellow work on a conveyor belt
Employees working the guilotine
two men in orange safety jackets working on a piece of metal
Staff in lead-lined board workshop
a man in an orange safety vest smiles at the camera while standing next to some electrical equipment
Rod Layland
Heather Dolman Heathers
Heather Dolman
Dave Woolley Rectangle Glass
Dave Woolley
Keith Spencer Lab Coat
Keith Spencer