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If your garden is bigger than a courtyard but smaller than an acre ...see ideas for garden design, plants, borders, garden furniture, courtyards, urban garden…
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10 brilliant upcycled garden ideas #middlesizedgarden
Recycled garden ideas from RHS Chelsea 2024 - plus tips on how to find the bargains!
10 brilliant upcycled garden ideas #middlesizedgarden
an outdoor garden with lots of plants and rocks in the foreground, surrounded by trees
8 inspiring ideas for your garden from the RHS Chelsea 2024
Water Aid garden by Tom Massey
Windy garden plants and solutions Gardening, Inspiration, Ideas, Design, Garden Plants, Garden Solutions, Windy Weather, Garden Styles, Low Maintenance Garden
Beautiful windy garden tips
Don't let your garden or backyard be ruined by windy weather. Here's how to choose the best windy garden plants and other windy garden solutions.🏡🌻😍
a wooden path in the middle of a garden with white flowers and trees around it
8 inspiring ideas for your garden from the RHS Chelsea 2024
National Garden Scheme at RHS Chelsea 2024
Windy garden plants Low Maintenance Garden Design, Budget Garden, Garden Design Layout, Backyards, Colorful Garden, Small Gardens, Cool Plants
Windy garden plants and solutions
Expert planting and screening tips for windy gardens and backyards. 😍❤️🏡🌻
How to choose garden furniture Tables, Garden Storage Bench, Outdoor Cushions, Garden Bench
What you really need to know about garden furniture
If you're thinking of buying new garden furniture, don't start by thinking 'what style do I like?' If you're going to leave your garden chairs, tables and benches out all year round, there are materials that last longer than others. Read this before spending too much money!
purple flowers are growing in the garden next to some bushes and plants with green leaves
The 25 best self-seeding plants to save you time and money
The 25 best self-seeding plants to save you time and money #gardening #gardenideas
some flowers and rocks in front of a brick wall with plants growing out of it
Create a Drought Tolerant Rock Garden Masterpiece
Imagine stepping into a garden filled with towering boulders and beautifully arranged plant life, requiring minimal upkeep while looking spectacular all year round. A rock garden is the ultimate solution for those with a hilly landscape or a desire for a unique garden experience. It's drought tolerant and low maintenance, providing you with a stunning garden without all the fuss of traditional gardening. Click to read the full post and find out how you can create your dream rock garden!
a garden filled with lots of different types of plants and vegetables next to a sign that says composts our soil why compost is easier than you think
How to stop worrying and love your easy home-made compost
Easy home-made compost
several potted plants are lined up on the brick path in front of some flowers
10 garden planting ideas for small gardens
Add 'soft-focus' plants to your small garden borders
Shallow wide garden design tips Outdoor
Shallow or wide garden design tips
Many gardens and backyards today are wide and shallow, or they're awkward spaces. Here are professional garden design tips to help you make your outdoor space look stylish and beautiful. 😍❤️🏡😘
a potted plant with purple flowers and green leaves
7 beautiful border plants to plant in spring (plus planting tips!)
Easy pretty garden plants to plant now #middlesizedgarden
the cottage garden on a budget
Thrifty cottage garden tips
From empty space to brilliant cottage garden - on a shoestring budget. Lots of clever recycling ideas plus tips for keeping plant costs down. If you love cottage gardens, don't miss this 🌻🌲❤️😍
small gardens big ideas for the garden in your home or office, including plants and flowers
Why a successful small garden needs a big idea
Why a successful small garden needs a big idea #gardening #gardendesign
the words easy pretty ground cover plants are in front of some colorful flowers and greenery
23 stunning ground cover plants to create a tapestry of colour in difficult-to-plant areas
Hardy geraniums are the ideal easy care plants and spread easily.