Vanishing (Carole Brémaud)

These very well dressed, mysterious men are the work of French artist Carole Brémaud This would be interesting to try and recreate as a photography collection

Pablo Montealegre. - Art Curator & Art Adviser. I am targeting the most exceptional art! Catalog @

Ca pourrait être un auto-portrait. It could become an portrait of myself --- Pablo Montealegre. Can't find anything else on this artist.

a new day, a new head

Untitled, by Marcel Dzama Ink and watercolor on paper I’ve been completely transfixed by this work by Marcel Dzama. It drew me in with its simplistic design, which appeals to my love of.

no identity//

Nicola Samori - I like how the use of impasto paint blurs the face, and thus the identity

Each melancholic photo will make a different impression each time. Artist Michal Mozolewski uses a combination of photography and digital illustration

Helen Sear

These beautifully layered photographs are from a series titled Inside the View by British artist Helen Sear - use as photography artist

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