Easter Egg Fine Motor Skills Set Up. What a brilliant idea!

Easter Fine Motor Activity Color Matching Activity

Fine Motor Skills

This busy bag focuses on learning colors. Kids sort the colored beads in the color-coded, flower shaped plastic sorting tray. The tray measures about wide and has 7 compartments.

Our finger gym activity this week :)

To make easier, you could use bigger cups (for a bigger target). You could also use a bigger spoon (and don't put a lot of the filling on the spoon so it's easier to not spill).

leuk spel voor de kinderen. voor de kleine motoriek. met eetstokjes proberen om de pompon balletjes in de juiste kleur koker te doen.

This would be a fun idea for kids and a great use for all those toilet paper rolls I can't throw away! Chopsticks or tweezers for fine motor skills, used to pick up and drop pom-poms into color matched toilet paper rolls.

Finger Gym with washers and marbles

Finger Gym with washers and marbles fine motor skills. Maybe paint the washers and use colored marbles?

Beker bouwwerk fijne motoriek

cup stacking with 100 cups on the day of school- my idea- work on motor skills using these cups! This would be a great practice for those kids who grip hard. This is great for kids who don't or can't play other sports.

fijne motoriek

Brick by Brick: Great fine motor practice. Even my middle-schoolers need to fine-tune their fine motor skills.

Laat rietjes in korte stukjes knippen, en vervolgens rijgen aan een veter by batjas88

Straws, shoelaces and fine motor skills in children. Create patterns while practicing fine-motor skills. Kids practice cutting skills when they cut the straws themselves.