09/08/2008 - Atmosphere - Damien Hirsts Beautiful Inside My Head Forever Art Auction - Photocall - Sothebys Auctioneers - London, UK © Solarpix / PR Photos

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Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst – Beautiful Inside My Head Forever – Anatomy of an Angel Poster

Damien Hirst - Butterfly Wallpaper - Gagosian Gallery

The ornamental tile look: Damien Hirst - Butterfly Wallpaper Inspiration stems from the combination of my beloved Middle Eastern (orientalist) ornamental patterns and exotic butterflies.

Cathedral Collection by Damien Hirst is Inspired by His Famous Installations #fashion #ideas trendhunter.com

Drug Jewelry Designs

Damien Hirst, Pill Rosary, the Cathedral Collection. Photo: Damien Hirst and Other Criteria.

Damien Hirst

The Inescapable Truth - Damien Hirst ironic piece that the dove symbolises freedom yet is trapped within the formaldhyde

Damien Hirst

Founded by Damien Hirst, Other Criteria Books collaborates with both established and emerging artists to publish monographs, artists’ books, exhibition catalogues and catalogue raisonnés.

Home - Damien Hirst

Hirst's contemporary cabinet of curiosities is on display at the legendary Parisian house of taxidermy, Deyrolle ahead of its auction.