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32. Berries and Oats Microwave Muffin #healthy #breakfast #recipes http://greatist.com/health/healthy-fast-breakfast-recipes

One minute microwave oatmeal muffin. (and it's healthy!) Trying this tomorrow morning!

29. Homemade Instant Oatmeal #healthy #breakfast #recipes http://greatist.com/health/healthy-fast-breakfast-recipes

Cream of Berry Instant Oatmeal Serves: 3 (makes 3 individual packets) 1 C. baby rolled oats C. freeze-dried strawberries or blueberries 2 Tb.

21. Zapped Scrambled Eggs With Veggies #healthy #breakfast #recipes http://greatist.com/health/healthy-fast-breakfast-recipes

Scrambled eggs in the microwave 2 large eggs 2 tablespoons milk teaspoon cayenne pepper teaspoon salt 1 scallion, thinly sliced 2 tablespoons shredded cheddar cheese 1 grape or cherry tomato, quartered lengthwise

19. Blueberry Overnight Oats #healthy #breakfast #recipes http://greatist.com/health/healthy-fast-breakfast-recipes

Overnight Oats - Combine oats, chia seeds, blueberries, vanilla, and milk and yogurt of your choice in a sealed container the night before.

12. Egg Breakfast Muffins #healthy #breakfast #recipes http://greatist.com/health/healthy-fast-breakfast-recipes

Egg Breakfast Muffins / Finally, a muffin without all the carbs. Plus these guys are simple to make ahead of time. Just zap them for a few seconds in the microwave before serving.

3. Savory Oatmeal With an Egg #healthy #breakfast #recipes http://greatist.com/health/healthy-fast-breakfast-recipes

Savory Oatmeal and Soft-Cooked Egg - Martha Stewart Recipes. I prefer toast strips as my runny-egg conveyance than oatmeal. I need the crunch!

1. Nut Butter, Banana, and Chia Seed Toast #healthy #breakfast #recipes http://greatist.com/health/healthy-fast-breakfast-recipes

Nut Butter, Banana, and Chia Seed Toast Try this superfood twist on classic PB and toast with a banana (sliced) and a sprinkle of chia, which is packed with vitamins and minerals (like six times more calcium than milk!

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This savory baked eggs with asparagus and parmesan is so easy that you'll want to make it for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.