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Barbaro winning the 2006 Kentucky Derby

Barbaro We were at this Derby and saw him cross the finish line. cried because her horse didnt win. Poor Barbaro won the race and the Preakness and during his fight for life had a real winning spirit.

Mésange bleue www.lb-illustrations.com

Mésange bleue www.lb-illustrations.com

Robin Red Breast, Watercolour Pencil Drawing

A print of this cute cheeky robin, from my Native British Garden Birds collection, originally hand-drawn in watercolour pencils. Robin Red Breast Art Print, from my British Garden Birds collection.

Proposal for a villa, 1901 (unknown architect)

Very fine, detailed pen hatching, mixed direction to define between bricks/edges and no outline. Relies heavily on accuracy of hatching to show lines of form.