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Social Media Explorer | Bloglovin’

We all know Snapchat is a social powerhouse but just how is a channel built on temporary media supposed to leave a permanent impact on a brand’s image? We came across this in-depth infographic from Ju

Present like Steve Jobs - 5 presentation tips. Learn to present like master!

Present Like Steve Jobs – 5 Brilliant Tips

So many people have now discovered that the late Steve Jobs of Apple was far more than an innovator and inventor. He was an inspiration and nobody could ever ar(...)

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Customer service is an interesting profession. If you are like me you find no benefit in waiting in long queues with an automated voice saying that “your busine(...)

4 easy ways to ensure you radiate success when selling

How To Radiate Sales Success

We all have choices and so we can increase or decrease our sales effectiveness so here are 4 easy ways to ensure that you radiate success when at a sales presen(...)

Sales Training and Bananas - Great concept!

Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting & Domain Names from Heart Internet

Sales - Bananas - Have I lost the plot? OK - pointing at a prospect with a banana will not be required here, but I think there is so much that can be learnt f(...)

Our Health Our Life: Healthy Habits for healthy life: stop smoking, maintain a healthy weight, exercising and eating a balanced diet. Get daily health tips


Eating vegetable five times a day is seen as an important way of being healthy, but what about the health of your Sales Pipeline and how could vegetables create(...)

You Can Attract Financial Abundance. Let Us Calm our Mind and Receive Prosperity

The Sales Attraction Factor

Ever wondered how you might attract a sale? If you break this title statement down firstly consider that everything always has an opposite. So for attracting s(...)

Three Hideously Stupid Mistakes You’ve Never Made in Sales

Three Hideously Stupid Mistakes You’ve Never Made in Sales

Being in sales means you have an opportunity to pitch your value proposition to a variety of prospects but do you happen to know anyone who has made any of thes(...)

Your Sales Qualification Process Is Ready

Your Sales Qualification Process Is Ready

When you start and run with a new sales cycle you have to ensure that you have qualified your prospect otherwise you will be busy and never get the result that (...)

Whatever the answer these five tips should be understood by every sales person and every sales manager. The more you understand about your prospect the easier

Could These Be The Best Five Sales Tips Ever?

Whatever the answer these five tips should be understood by every sales person and every sales manager. The more you understand about your prospect the easier i(...)

General Management - Marketing mix analysis provides insights that improve ROI and optimize spend. will you get better results from outsourcing marketing mix analytics or building in-house capabilities?


What's the Best Way to Handle Price Objections? Easy - focus on your value. Why? If it's worth it to the client, they'll pay for it. But often when (...)

Genghis Khan - was he a good guy or a clever strategist

Secrets from the Genghis Khan Sales and Leadership School

Over the years we take direction from our sales managers and directors who are measuring your sales and also providing leadership. Over the years there have (...)

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Sales Saint or Sales Sinner?

Being in sales can sometimes be difficult. I was reminded about this today when I went to meet with a seriously intelligent PhD type who was running a company. (...)

Ever wanted to earn big bucks - check out the missing secret

How to Earn a Million Pounds a Year In Sales

Ever want to earn £1million in a year? When I was younger I always wondered how people “made a million”. Fortunately and luckily over the years I did work with (...)

Extra, extra read all about it , twitter title less than 140 characters for sales blog

Less Is More – Sales Re Engineering With Twitter

Twitter has attracted a massive following and for so many people they have had to re engineer the way they talk. No longer have you pages upon pages to get your(...)