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Notamazter visual identity by Ihsan Farhan

Very nice visual identity for an IT company! The subtle shadowing words well to add depth, but it also transfers really well to one color, which is always ideal.

clever, ingenious ways people have rearranged their Lego collection to either add some function or style into their everyday lives:

LEGO Minifig as Cable Holder: Every Cord is Awesome ~ Modernistic Design How AWESOME (Sorry, I could not resist!) is this idea to use Lego figures to hold smaller cables? I think very awesome. Apparently, all you need is some Sugru Hardware compound.

Domino clock                                                                                                                                                                                 More

DIY Domino Clocks make a great addition to your game room or even your backyard patio. We have a variety of clock accessories along with some woodworking materials. Come visit the store today and create your own unique clock!

Set of vector shapes

Set of vector shapes

Need a professional logo design? Contact Original Nutter Design now. Credit - Logopond user Jeiji

35 Beautiful Examples Logo Designs Inspired By Clock >>A simple but amusing design that works well with just one color.

City Direct Logo - Brilliant logo designed by Mike Erickson for an airline company.

City Direct Logo - Negative space used to create a plane and the letters C & D.