Francis Bacon: Study for a Running Dog, 1954. Smithsonian National Art Gallery - East Wing, Washington, D. C.

Francis Bacon - Study for a Running Dog at National Art Gallery Washington DC, USA.

Francis Bacon - represents my physcological barrier through the colours he uses and the contrast between dark and light

PORTRAIT Francis Bacon, self portrait 1909 – an Irish-born British figurative painter known for his bold, graphic and emotionally raw imagery.

Francis Bacon was no easier on himself as a subject, as he was with others. He depicted himself just as he did with his sitters. In this self portrait the artist be suffering from a hangover. He could also be referring to time and death. Is the artist simply suffering from a headache or is his hidden wrist bleeding into the sink?

self portrait 1973 Francis Bacon Paintings, Art, Painting, Art Pictures

Francis Bacon (28 October 1909 – 28 April 1992) was an Irish-born British figurative painter known for his bold, graphic and emotionally raw imagery.[1] Bacon's painterly but abstracted figures typically appear isolated in glass or steel geometrical cages set against flat, nondescript backgrounds.

Francis Bacon October 1909 – 28 April was an Irish-born British…

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon, Study from the Human Body Oil on canvas, x cm. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

'Triptych (middle section)' by Francis Bacon (1974)

Triptych, c.1974 (center panel)

Triptych 1974 middle section by Francis Bacon high quality art print / poster, plus art prints and posters by hundreds more famous artists.

"The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery." - Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon - Paralytic Child Walking on All Fours (from Muybridge) - 1961

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon: In Camera at Compton Verney, review

Francis Bacon, photographed by Francis Giacobetti

George Dyer in Frances Bacon’s Reece Mews studio, London (c. Photo by John Deakin Dyer and Bacon were a couple for eight years.