Boycott captures the androgynous spirit of Gucci’s fall-winter 2015 menswear collection with a beauty story lensed by photographer Kiki Xue. Wearing dandy tops and accessories, models Xavier Buestel and Tancrede Scalabre are styled by Simon Pylyser.

ellaweisskamp // @lqccii @komickat

Girl dealing with a lot who loses her sister to an asthma attack and doesn't talk about it but is kicked out as well.

Mori boy inspiration

love this idea for a mens test. would shoot it a bit darker. especially love the bit of flush in the cheeks. k-ayo: “ ”

Joe, fashion designer from Taiwan & founder of the avant-garde fashion boutique MPM Studio (her pieces are available at Dog Harajuku (原宿) Shibuya (渋谷) Tokyo (東京) Japan (日本)

Joe is a fashion designer and one of the founders of AMPM studio in Taiwan. When we street snapped her in Harajuku, she had blue hair black lipstick with fashion from DAMAGE, a spiked bag custom Nike platform sneakers.