DAVID INSHAW Firework and Bonfire, West Bay, 2000

"Firework and Bonfire, West Bay," David Inshaw (British, b. Oil on canvas, 2000

"Pink House, East Cliff, West Bay" by David Inshaw, 2014. The painting depicts Stanley Kubrick’s home in Dorset.

Pink House, East Cliff, West Bay by David Inshaw. The house is Stanley Kubrick’s home in Dorset. See also Pink House, West Bay

DAVID INSHAW The Garden, or the Game of Blind Man's Buff, 1982-84

David Inshaw David Inshaw (born March is a British artist and painter, and was a founder member of the Brotherhood of Rurali.

David Inshaw

Oak Tree, Bonfire, Moon and Firework - David Inshaw, 2012 Oil on canvas, 60 x 60 in.

DAVID INSHAW The Raven, 1971

The Raven, David Inshaw. English, born in More David Inshaw’s works

David Inshaw

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'Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons' by Michael Kidd What a co-incidence I worked with Michael in London he illustrated some of our educational publications. and now I see a painting by him of Garden Organic's Vice President Raymond Blanc's garden at the Manoir.

David Inshaw (British, b. 1943) - "The Room", 1971

David Inshaw (British, b. - "The Room", 1971