Hand-cut paper and wood sculptures by Jen Stark #art #sculpture

Artist Jen Stark creates stunningly colorful and elaborate hand-cut paper sculptures.

Atypical by Pawel Nolbert, via Behance #typography #abstract #digital #art

Pawel Nolbert Series of posters exploring form and rhythm of letters or pseudo-letters presented as half-realistic, half-illustrative figurative paint sculptures.

Chad Wys / Garage Sale Picture Of An English Officer With Bars #art #painting

Chad Wys, Garage Sale Picture of an english officer with bars -- 2013 x x paint on found print and frame

James Clar / Rain (Reduction) #art #installation #light

Available for sale from Carroll / Fletcher, James Clar, Rain (Reduction) Fluorescent lights, filters, 120 × 190 cm

Geoff McFetridge / Meditallucination #painting #illustration

Beautiful minimal Illustrations is the work of artist geoff mcfetridge. Painting has been a part of his art making since

Paul Juno / Agate Series #art #painting

Paul Juno is a multi-media artist based in Los Angeles. All of the abstracted color paintings are created using three main tools: a palate knife, oil paint, and time. The action of the painting can be