"Chloe Scadding creates high-end textiles used for fashion and interiors. Her combined use of contemporary and traditional techniques, along with her creative use of materials, makes her work innovative and original. She pushes the boundaries of what textiles normally are and what they can be — truly unique." - Design Milk, wow!

Chloe Scadding

Thx for the share, so unique- "Laser cut wood and fabric by Chloe Scadding (via design milk)"

....what do I do?!!?!!? REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The sound of living like a psychological millionaire

The sound of living like a psychological millionaire

People don't seem to understand why mental illness is referred to as 'invisible illness.' Maybe if more people saw it like this the phrase 'get over it' would no longer exist.

Boyle Family with the Centre of Attention at Project(or) platform for current art stages at Art Rotterdam 2008

The Boyle Family - Documenting the exact points where people had thrown darts at a map

various triangular base road sign

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The Dirty Cream: "Autoportrait" // Antoine Stevens

The multiple faces with different emotions all suggest mental disorders such as multiple personalities, bipolar of schizophrenia. This works well with my theme of humans, emotions and mental issues