Millie Gramson

Millie Gramson

Millie Gramson
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newspaper art, way of putting together written info on the person, inc the image

FLORIAN NICOLLE Mixed Media Portraits - newspaper, brown paper, charcoal, walnut ink and white ink. Wall paper and wrapping papers also work well especially if you want to use paint!

Artist: Adam Caldwell, oil on canvas {contemporary female head woman partial abstract face portrait painting} Metamorphosis !!

Artist: Adam Caldwell, oil on canvas {contemporary surreal art female head partial abstract woman face portrait smudged texture grunge painting} Metamorphosis !

Mixed media paintings and photographs by Rosanna Jones | | #art #paintings #photography

WEEK 5 - Eduardo Mixed media paintings/oil by Rosanna Jones Strong sense of realism and bold colours. The gestural brushstrokes combined with the realism creates an energetic feel.

Andrew Salgado - 'Ping Pong',

Andrew Salgado, "Ping Pong" oil and pastel on canvas. A recent contributor to paintguide but I really enjoy his fresh usage of paint towards portraying figures. The sheer scale of some of his works is really impressive.