Wrapping string, twine, yarn or just about any fiber is another great way to roll texture onto your surface

Would love the kids to do their own wall art! Different ways to texture with paint using a cardboard paper towel roll with Alisa Burke.

use blank (eg. insect wings) as inspiration in order to create an abstract composition which uses the principles of pattern & repetition

According to the hypothesis of formative causation, morphogenetic fields contain an inherent memory, transmitted from similar past organisms by the process of morphic resonance. — but does it float

Moth Lino cut print by Amanda Colville

Nature Inspired Linocuts

Moth Lino cut print by Amanda Colville These linocuts are very intricate and detailed and skillfully made. I like how there is a gradual colour change across the print

Brilliant scrapbook page

Love the ladybugs on the printed page! Ladybug Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page - flying shoes art studio

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