Gary Bunt...

Gary Bunt - I often stand here by this pond I like to watch the fish And when its time To head off home I sometimes make a wish

Gary Bunt

Once every year They come up here Looking down On the house where they live He worked all his life For his dog, kids and wife And still he's got love to give Gary Bunt, Happy Anniversary, oil on canvas.

Gary Bunt | (10) The Christmas Bone

Gary Bunt - The Christmas Bone- oil on canvas My master is in the kitchen He's making a cup of tea I'm sitting very patiently By the Christmas Tree

Gary Bunt Exhibiting at Portland Gallery May 2015

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Gary Bunt, Down by the Pond 1957.

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Gary Bunt Exhibition Portland Gallery May 2015

GARY BUNT, On The Nose, Oil on canvas, 32 x 40 ins: Did you see that cast my faithful friend? Right on the nose of that trout Watch him bite and with one quick strike I'll have the bugger out

The Gamekeeper. Naive Painting by contemporary British artist Gary Bunt