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30 Superb Sister Tattoos – Matching Ideas, Colors, Symbols

For those of you with a sister(s), you know what we mean when we say imagining life without them is heartbreaking. Sure, at times you want to rip her hair out for taking your new sweater, but at th.

barn Owl Tattoos | ... Juliet...Tattoo,Draw and Life: Barn owl tattoo!! Barbagianni tattoo

I really like barn owls. Maybe have a barn owl behind a compass or have the compass surrounded by feathers.

Awesome Owl Tattoo Design on Sleeve for Women | Cool Tattoo Designs

Awesome Owl Tattoo Design on Sleeve! Don't really like the placement of the moon tho. Looks weird coming off Owls head

Ooooo me likey! I would have the rose In a pAle pink Color to stand out among all the grey...

Make the watch a compass, move the rose up and have the key dangle a bit below the rose. Compass starting at shoulder and key ending about two inches above elbow. Dylan inscribed on compass. Rachel on feather, Breanna on rose and Addy on key.

This is the idea I have! Something different though: one owl on each thigh...each with a different color scheme [one girly and one more masculine]...the girly owl will be holding the heart locket in her beak [like this one] and the masculine one will be holding the key [like this one]. :) Each will have the huge, ornate roses underneath them. :) Now, I just need to design it...

Gorgeous lock and key tattoo ideas are symbol of thick things that are just for one another. The key is mostly male tattoo design meanwhile lock is whole woma

Unique quote tattoo - love this sort of design.. outline for my sleeve! perfection

I love this sleeve, but this art is gorgeous. Quote "You know you're in Love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your Dreams"

Feminine sleeve tattoo

We love full sleeve tattoos on women, so of course this is one of our favorite galleries! Click through to see some tattoos of women with full sleeve tattoos.