Fermentation, after all is broken down, it is time to further dissolve the ego/old self to create a medium for something new to be born. the dark night of the soul, the time in the dessert, the cocoon.

scanner/photocopier self-portrait project identity

scanner self-portrait project - empty your pockets/purse and in Luce your hand or face. Might be a good get-to-know you opener?

Dale Hoopingarner - scannography - ScanArt - scanography - Scanner Art

Dale Hoopingarner - scannography - ScanArt - i picked this one because it bring autumn look to the print and makes it feel like the leavse show expression to something he ewas thinking on while he was designing.

Liz Atkin - scannography - ScanArt - scanography - Scanner Art

Liz Atkin - scanography, i love the use of illuminated colours against the black background, would look cool as a projection or moving image

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