Effortless-to-make garden mosaic crafts add color and beauty to the garden. I really like DIY garden mosaic projects that are both sensible and artistic.

DIY minibeast or maxi beast!

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Make a spider web inside a hula hoop & hang from the ceiling. The children 'catch' bugs by wrapping small plastic minibeasts into the web (",)

"We made a spider web inside of a hula hoop and hung it from the ceiling. Then the kids "caught" bugs by wrapping small plastic bugs into the web." -- fine motor, science, dramatic play, block area fun ---- Where to pin?

The Bad-Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle.    Love this activity - so cute! The book is great for so many different activities - speech marks/bubbles, expression when reading, time, length/measurement, minibeasts/animals themes, etc. etc..

What a great idea after reading the Grouchy Ladybug (Eric Carle). What makes you grouchy?

Grass Caterpillars

Grass Caterpillars

Spring Crafts - these grass head caterpillars are just SO MUCH FUN! The kids will love this gardening activity!

Sensory Tub - minibeast activities theme

You can find sets of these tweezers and minibeasts at Rosebud Toy Library. Sensory Tub - minibeast activities theme green spilt peas, bugs beetles along with tweezers, bug catchers and magnifying glasses.

Spider (don't paint the thumb!)

It’s a spider!Kids hand print spider craft love these hand print spiders because any craft which includes a hand print or foot print deems itself worthy to be kept. Use washable paint.

Pasta & minibeasts (",)

Super Easy Sensory Play: Dried Pasta