DIY Gardening Projects

how to make a leaf mold cage in the garden with instructions on how to use it
How To Make A Leaf Mold Cage
Learn how to make a leaf mold cage from recycled wood and chicken wire. Easy step by step tutorial for creating your own FREE garden soil conditioner & mulch!
a bird feeder with the title how to make a recycled bird feeder
How To Make A Recycled Bird Feeder (With Items You Have At Home)
Discover how to make a recycled bird feeder using items commonly found at home. Step by step tutorial that's super simple to do, but very effective for attracting birds to your garden, allotment or veg patch. #recycledbirdfeeder
three clay pots with plants in them and the words diy olla watering pots helps save time & water
How to make DIY Ollas: Low Tech Self-Watering Systems for Plants
DIY Olla Watering Pots -- a low-tech solution that keeps plants watered in dry conditions. Also saves time and water.
several pictures of bird feeders with the words diy bird feeder
Easy DIY Bird Feeder Tutorial Using Recycled Items
This easy BIY bird feeder tutorial uses recycled items such as old tea cups or recycled milk jugs, as well as old spoons & lolly sticks. It's simple & quick to make, as well as a fantastic way to encourage birds into your garden or veg plot. #DIYbirdfeeders #wildlifegardening
four different ways to make a diy leaf mould bin in your garden or yard
How To Make A Leaf Mold Bin & Generate Free Mulch
Learn how to make a leaf mold bin from recycled wood & chicken wire, so you can generate a free supply of rich leaf mold compost for your garden or vegetable plot. DIY leaf mold bin. #leafmould #gardenmulch