Harvingvliet by Alfred Stieglitz, 1903. This image appear in the ‘Camera Work’ quarterly, issue no. 2. Harvingvliet is a large inlet of the ...

Harvingvliet by Alfred Stieglitz, This image appeared in the 'Camera Work' quarterly, issue no. Harvingvliet is a large inlet of the North Sea, in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands. It is an important estuary of the Rhine-Meuse delta.

This is the East End in the 1950's

The girl has her skirt tucked into her knickers, so as not to reveal them when she goes flying around the lamp post; but in do so she gives everyone a glimpse of her suspension system

Robert Doisneau // Swing In Raizeux, France,1950.

to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." ~ Henry James // Photo: Swing In Raizeux, Robert Doisneau

witches hat

When playtime wasn't ruled by 'elf and safety: Photos show how children had fun before the industry took over

The 'witch's hat' roundabout in ParkS/playgrounds were more fun in the 'olden days'. Prior to health and safety

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