First Name Stephen

First Name Stephen

First Name Stephen
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The train goes under her skirt!  Only in Japan would you see this kind of crazy advertising. Love it!

My passport is largely the Americas and Europe. The Far East is not represented. I am afraid I am unqualified to answer this question. I am however concerned about any country that thinks this is ok. Just sayin'

HONDA CB750K7 by Wrenchmonkees

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How to dismantling of tuna

Jessica A poster about how sashimi, a japanese dish, was made and prepared. It is so unique and fun to be able to see how each of the process was done.


A stunning classic full body Japanese tattoo. Japanese tattoo art has several names – irezumi or horimono in the Japanese language. Irezumi is the word for the traditional visible tattoo that covers large parts of the body like the back.