RFB Elven Sword - 30in

LARP safe foam construction - NOT a bladed itemThis bestselling Ready For Battle Elven Sword is a curved blade for the aspiring Elven hero or Dark Elven villain. The sword is 75 cm long from tip to pommel, with a gently

Medieval Hood - Grey

Medieval Hood - Grey - Large / X-Large

Round Headed LARP Safety Arrow - 32in

LARP safe foam construction - NOT a bladed item Length: Aprox / Black Shaft The aerodynamically optimised safety-head, 53 mm in diameter provides optimum safety,

Light Viking Tunic

An excellent, lightweight, Viking style tunic Long Sleeve Available in S/L and L/XL sizes Sizes in stock: immediate delivery, other sizes ordered on demand - ship in under 2 weeks.

Hunter Quiver - Black

Your prey is almost within range, tentative as she catches a whiff of something in the air. You have covered yourself in the dirt of the forest and smell more like pine than person, but the deer still seems uncertain.

Buckled Drinking Horn Holder - Brown

Drinking horns are great items to own and the best way to carry yours to the tavern is with a belt mounted holder. Fits on a standard belt Buckled strap adjusts to horn size.

RFB Viking Leather Armour - Black - Small

RFB Viking Leather Armour - Black, Larp Inn- Body - Leather - Ready for Battle

Squire Bow - Black - Small 38in

LARP safe foam construction - NOT a bladed item Length - Approx / fiberglass bow

Duke Drawstring Coin Purse - Black

Small leather bag with drawstring and buckle fastening.

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