House boat

House boat House boat House boat kerriechillemi such a cute tiny house! i have never considered living on water but if i got to live in this.

Galley, flooring

dining table in the very back surrounded by windows, then kitchen, then couches/ beds, then drivers seat 1976 cruiser stern narrowboat - curtains to separate.

Beautiful narrowboat (saw it for sale on

narrow house boat narrow kitchen would be even more convenient, but you want more floor space for the living room


Lovingly crafted Narrowboat for cruising the canal network or a beautiful home

The designer will work with the consumers in designing their boats through a one on a single process so they can make certain that they’ll be getting the greatest qualities and all the featur…

Narrowboats & Gardening - perfect picture

Image source Great article on narrow canal boats. Moon to Moon's great post on houseboats Image source Image source Image source .

The Book Barge a narrow boat that travels around the UK, transporting its book-trade from city to city, via old canals and waterways.

oh comely book barge - Crosspin to "Life in the slow lane - Narrowboats and.

The Details - The Calder Lady #boats #narrowboat #barge

The Details - The Calder Lady