WESTMINSTERFASHION Andrew Voss portfolio The BA (Honours) Fashion Design course at Westminster is famous for producing highly individual and creative designers capable of working within all levels of the fashion industry. The course offers a comprehensive design education for ambitious individuals looking for a specialist career within the creative arena of the fashion design industry. Our graduates work throughout the international fashion industry in London, Paris, New York and Milan.

Westminster andrew voss

I L L U S T R A T I O N - Louise Bennetts

I like how although the illustration is very simple, there are still a lot of detail in the garment and face. Shading has been conveyed through darker and thicker lines contrasting with thinner lighter lines, which i also really like.

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design drawings; fashion portfolio // Dainius Bendikas

From Dainius Bendikas To Infinity

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustrations; fashion design portfolio layout // Andrew Voss

Westminster andrew voss

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design drawings; graduate fashion portfolio layout // Valeska Collado

Westminster valeska collado