Miriam Braham
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Outdoor ad: McFries: Pedestrian Crossing

This is a new way to display a advertisement. It is a very creative way to display a McDonald's ad. The ad is in the shape of French fries that serves as a crosswalk. It is a multi function ad.

water changes everything, social message, advertisement

water changes everything, social message, advertisement, a different take on a charity advert. they don't always need to be heart wrenching to deliver a message.

A dentist ads, We don't like yellow.

A dentist ads, We don't like YELLOW. Yellow is seen as happy positive colour but not in all circumstances as illustrated here in the dentist advertising campaign.

Hard Rock Cafe I work at the coolest place on the planet, be jealous!!!!!

In this Hard Rock Cafe ad, the design has combined a fork - standard eating tool - with a hand symbol that is common at rock concerts. The visual language in this image is the hard rock edge for this dining experience.