Phase 1 Socks & Shakers game from Rachel (",)

Practical Phonics Activities

A great book to support the teaching of Phase One Phonics and general Speech and Language. With repetition, rhythm and rhyme the children quickly pick up the theme of the book and you will soon hear them retelling it or acting it out with their friends. This book is particularly good for listening to and making the animal sounds… “I think I hear a lion, Raa Raa Raa’.

An adventurous little girl encounters a variety of animals during her travels. Young explorers will learn animal sounds and actions in this colorful tale. The book includes a singalong CD.

The Pig In The Pond : Phase 1 Phonics - Alliteration

The Pig in the Pond-A picture book about a pig who gets very hot and jumps in a pond, much to the surprise of the resident ducks and geese. By Martin Waddell

Brilliant book for Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds

Toddle Waddle - for year olds. Great memory game for little children or reading for early readers.

Phase one phonics activity - fire engine rhyme

Phase one phonics idea for you all today. If you have one of these fire engines, say the rhyme below, get the kids to close their eyes then hide a CVC.

Phase 1 phonics - Tinned Animals! - Nursery Nook - for all things Early Years

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Phase 1: Aspect 6 (Oral Blending and Segmentation) Banner

A large banner showing the title of the seventh aspect of the Phase 1 Letters and Sounds programme 'Oral Blending and Segmentation.